brooklyn (single)

by Brian Carroll

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released October 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Brian Carroll

Modern Roots, is perhaps a contradiction in its very name, but a musical ideal that Carroll stands firm to uphold. Drawing inspiration in style and delivery from songwriters and musicians of that past, while writing from what inspires him in his everyday life, he bridges the gap between American Roots and current day Americana music. ... more

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Track Name: brooklyn
bicycle hanging from a fire escape
and paint eagerly peels from the garden gate
there is metal and wood strewn about the alleyway
flashing lights blind from the head on cars
and the drunks shuffle like cattle, between the bars
the sun rises, is it early or is it too late

so somebody tell me what i am doing here
im lost in this sea of debris that will swallow me whole
chains on the gate rattle in the wind
and im caged like a songbird, drowned out by the din
as i stare out the window here in brooklyn

the radiator hums like an olds 98
internal monologues that i have grown to hate
and this dark room is hotter than hell as i bathe in my loathing
leaves on the trees, they flicker in the wind
candles blown from a cake for aging children
smoke circling thoughts that cycle and begin again

so somebody tell me what i am doing here
i am lost in the mine of my mind, i got nowhere to go
air thick as smoke and the dirt cakes my skin
and ill play the canary as the mines caving in
as i stare out the window here in brooklyn

wood grain on the bookcase has wavered with time
unsettled unlike the dust that has gathered behind
and i just cant seem to shake all these thoughts from my mind
in a city that don't sleep, oh just let me sleep

a sea teeming with people but still i feel alone
as i live out my life through the glow of a phone
and i just want something to call my own
the traffic below drowns the hum and the drone
and everything is painted in a sepia tone
as i lay my head in a city that isn't my home