by Brian Carroll

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penned in the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies and recorded in the woods of Chester, CT, "canyon" tells the stories of the downfalls, troubles, and triumphs of a songwriter's spirit.


released January 1, 2015

engineered and mixed by Eric Lichter at Dirt Floor (Chester, CT)
mastered by Steve Wytas at Dirt Floor (Chester, CT)
assistant engineer James Maple
produced by Brian Carroll, Ian Fitzgerald and Eric Lichter

all songs written by Brian Carroll
cover photo by Christiane Carroll



all rights reserved


Brian Carroll

Modern Roots, is perhaps a contradiction in its very name, but a musical ideal that Carroll stands firm to uphold. Drawing inspiration in style and delivery from songwriters and musicians of that past, while writing from what inspires him in his everyday life, he bridges the gap between American Roots and current day Americana music. ... more

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Track Name: Above the Current
We need to cross this river
Before it all gets too close
But I'm not sure the bridge is strong enough to carry us both
So I will be dangling Right out over the edge
Until I am lone and I am washed away instead

But I can't pull myself above the current
And I can hardly breath
And I guess it's about time to repent
In this caldron as I seethe (Oooo, oooo ,oooo)

And I won't be washed clean
I'll be swept under the dredge
Lately I'm not living, just trudging slow towards death
And now I'm choking on the water And the silt coats my lungs
And I feel it getting colder and I'm swallowing my tongue

Yes, I'm choking on the water
And still I can hardly breathe
And I guess its time to regret
All the things I've left unclean

But I can see the other side now
Oh it's getting very close
And I have held on enough to carry us both
And I don't know how I did it But I won't question or regret it
It's the questions left unanswered that free us most

So now I'm floating high above the current
And we are sitting on the bank
And it's you that gave me the reason
And it ain't no god thank I am thank-ing

Track Name: Goin' Down
Well a vagrant, that’s too ambitious to see
When he is lost and he is treading in a sea of trees
With his eyes solely concentrated on the highest peak
But he is tumbling, oh down

Deep in the thicket, lay the house that he built
Careful crafted, purposely, a vessel for his guilt
He keeps his skeletons locked away out there inside
Safer buried away, than in his own mind

And oh I , Oh I’m going down
Oh I, Oh I’m going down

Just another, useless book on a shelf
Soaked with kerosene, I’ll burn this whole house around myself
And the pages burn in effigy in your head
Decorative binding, taking space in my stead

And oh I , Oh I’m going down
And oh I, Oh I’m going down

And the sky will be littered in ashes
And the day will become the night
You try to find the clearing through the fog
You’ll be running towards the light, running towards the light

In the rubble of the mess lies the one
His bones void of flesh and yellowed by the sun
Bare and stripped of everything that he once was
What are you, when you’ve got nothing?

And oh I , Oh I’m going down
And oh I, Oh I’m going down